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Another Bettina Lifestyle Community members’ comments!

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

I just read the article about spending Christmas with a Christian family.  It was great!  My experience in a Bettina Home/Hedge School was different, but still great!

I wanted to spend Christmas with another culture – another group – I wanted to know what it was like spending Christmas in the “ghetto”.  Although today I use that word because the rest of you need that descriptor.

I spent Christmas in a neighborhood in D. C. I would have been afraid to wander into alone.  Not because there was any real trouble, but because my conditioning made me really scared to wander into a mostly black neighborhood.  My thoughts were I would have been taking my life into my hands and better to stay out than to be sorry.  That sounds bad, but I know those thoughts are shared by many of – at least my friends.

It was great.

I hope you forgive any racism you find in this article.  Attribute it to my upbringing and current friends.

When I arrived at the home it was with fear and I wondered as I rang the bell if I was sane or had lost my marbles trying this.

A woman opened the door.  She was expecting me, but maybe not someone so white.  My skin is very white – as is my hair.  I didn’t feel white until I walked into their living room, which was full of people.  As I looked around they were all colors.  None as white as my Scandinavian self, but they were not who I expected.  Somehow, I expected a black family to be black – dark of skin.  These folks varied from very dark to light tan.  There was a lovely Christmas tree and the house smelled of food cooking.  I was just in time for dinner.

The food for dinner was Italian.  Why? Because it was prepared by a couple of the light tan people in the room.  I realized in another context I would have seen them as white, but in this living room I saw them as not white, but light skinned blacks.  They were Italian.  One was an in-law, the other a cousin.  I was too shy at that point to ask more questions.

Dinner was great! There was much laughter, many jokes told at someone else’s expense and I was on the hot seat to talk about why I wanted this “voyeur” experience.  At that moment, all my reasons evaporated and I felt really weird.  After a very feeble attempt at an answer that didn’t sound either racist or ridiculous someone changed the topic and we went back to having a great time.

The table was blessed with an incredibly beautiful poem which I wanted to take home.  Instead I was given a book which contained the poem.

We opened presents, talked half the night and went to bed.

This was not the home of a wealthy person – or even someone who could be called “middle class”.  These folks were struggling financially just to survive from one day to the next.  I slept on the sofa in a small room off the living room.  It was not private, but I knew that before I arrived and privacy in the middle America sense seemed out of place here.  People crossed boundaries I was accustomed to – constantly.

Breakfast the next morning was more of the same.  We had a breakfast I loved, but would never have made.  Eggs, bacon, unbelievable biscuits, and grits! I didn’t want to leave the table.  My breakfast is normally fresh fruit, yogurt and an organic piece of bread.  Since I brought the coffee I got to make it and it was the center of attention and many jokes.  Organic, French roast coffee was great, but not the coffee and chicory the family normally had for breakfast and sometimes all during the day.

Christmas Day was unbelievable! People came and went all day long bringing gifts, food, talk and although I expected to be ‘odd man on the side’, I was just one of the family.  I was clearly expected to be a “host” taking care of people as they arrived, making sure everyone was comfortable, all the things one does when company arrives.  I loved every minute.

All colors of people came and went and families that showed up together were also all colors.  As the day wound down I realized maybe racism was a white thing because the whites and many shades of blacks who shared this Christmas were  just a normal part of life with this family. I remember hearing and making comments with friends that maybe blacks would be uncomfortable in one or another situation with whites.  What I saw was blacks having whites in their families and nobody being uncomfortable about any of it.  I was uncomfortable when I arrived being what I thought was the only white person in the room until I saw the whites in the family and those arriving with other so called “black” families of which they were a part.

We went for a walk in the afternoon, all around the neighborhood and I wondered as we walked and talked what it was that struck fear into my heart and kept me from walking alone through this neighborhood!  As we passed people coming and going from their homes there was always a few words exchanged, if not an entire conversation.  No one passed us during our walk who we didn’t acknowledge with a smile or even a bit of conversation.  To say we were a loud group taking this walk would be an understatement, but we didn’t even notice we were caught up in the back and forth with each other.

The day after Christmas they had a surprise for me.  Someone had gotten a keyboard for Christmas which was standing next to the tree.  A couple musicians arrived with their instruments and we had an incredible session of singing for about an hour, after which the musicians had to leave and I was exhausted.  They were accustomed to having lots of people around all the time.  I was accustomed to having people around who called, made an appointment or a date to get together and mostly other times I was alone.

What struck me with this family – blacks are known to be very religious so I expected to spend all day on Christmas in Church.  We had prayer before eating, but that was it.  We didn’t go to Church. Our Christmas was spent together with family, friends and those who came along with family and friends.  Some were complete strangers who came with a friend or family member and all were instantly incorporated into this family as though they had known each other for years.

At the end of my time in this home I realize I’ve made new friends and took home a new attitude.  And, I spent an unusual and really fantastic Christmas.

Back home, my friends who seemed close and a part of my extended family I realized were really not close to me at all and I didn’t have an extended family.  I have a few people I can call on occasion but who I really can’t just show up to visit with on holidays. or any other time.  If I am not invited I stay away.  It would be awkward for everyone if I just invited myself to a holiday or any time or celebration.  Mostly, I spend those alone because my family is in another state and I don’t make the effort to travel there for holidays.  This Christmas has changed all of that and I am looking at changing my life.  I thought it was great.  At this moment I think it is cold and isolated and I don’t know how that happened or why I made the choices that produced that kind of lifestyle.  I do now have friends in another part of the city which looks very warm and friendly to me and I will probably visit again – if not the family with whom I stayed  I will certainly walk around the neighborhood and shop there from time to time, maybe my shell and shelter will change.  My beautiful bedroom with king sized bed is not nearly as comfortable as that sofa on which I spent Christmas.


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Weight loss – Health – Beauty

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

by: Marceline Donaldson

Those of you who know me know I am almost passionate about organic everything – especially food.  It is a rare day to come into my home and find food that is not organic.  Yes, it cost more initially – but yes it has benefits which justify the cost and which, in the long run actually show you it costs much less, over the long term,  to eat organically and surround yourself with a total organic life.  Your benefits include better health.

A few of us have just finished a short, but very productive experiment.  We worked together to get everything out of our lives that was not organic – food, cleaning products, cosmetics, etc………….The result?  We lost weight – have more energy – feel better – and our looks, well, let me not brag, but we look sensational!

Now being at that age where hair turns grey – that is where I started.  A couple years ago I started using hair dye.  All during that time I worried and imagined what that was doing to my health and sure enough the literature was showing me horrible possibilities that I could hardly contemplate. It is not for nothing that it is suggested that pregnant women refrain from dying their hair.   None of those possibilities pointed squarely at the hair dye, but they came awfully close.  So, I recently changed to using Henna and other natural herbal possibilities.  It struck me that these are probably what our ancestors used in the dim historic times before the oligarch’s took over this world to make themselves ultra rich and me and those like me ultra poor.

Lots of “I’s” in the above paragraph because “I” am the only one who did the hair thing.  Everyone else continued on with their hair dye.

It has taken a few months to get this Henna thing straight, but I am amazed at the results.  Henna, for those of you who don’t know, is an herb which is commonly used in the middle-east and other places for hair, body decorations, etc.

The first time I tried henna nothing happened.  My hair looked nice, but the color didn’t change.  The next time I poured lost of Apple Cider Vinegar into the Henna 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar made the color work beautifully.  About six weeks later, as the grey started to peep through I used Henna with the addition of a couple of organic eggs.  The results were even better.  I had an uneven hair color which looked sensational.  The ends of my hair were lighter than the rest and all through were these little bits of light.

The third time I used Henna was with the addition of very strong organic chamomile tea and my hair is now multi colors.  Would not have gone for that on purpose, but this accident is incredibly beautiful.  (Sorry, I have never been known for my modesty).  I totally didn’t know what I was doing, but experiment was on the table.  I was trying to eliminate as much of the red as possible and looking for a yellow gold brown combination.  I didn’t get that, but what I did get I like better.  Accidents can be wonderful.

One of our small group got rid of all eggs, milk, butter unless they were from grass-fed cows and organic.  Yogurt was added – but yogurt from goats.  And then the organic coconut oil used as an all over massage oil.  But someone else used Grapeseed oil as a massage oil – and yet someone else used Avocado oil.  Can’t believe how good we look.

I have become addicted to splashing organic whole plant Aloe Vera on my face first thing in the morning and leaving it on adding liquid Vitamin C and Vitamins A and E during the day.  Sometimes I add vitamin B in different forms when I feel stressed out.  Can’t let old age creep in too quickly – and bless you, it is working.  Don’t think I look old.  I think I look about 50 years old.  And isn’t that the age cosmetic people advertise as “old age”?  When I was actually 50 I wasn’t worried about wrinkling, etc. I was still busy “striving”.  Didn’t think I looked old then and neither would those models advertising how 50 is the new 30.  With our regimen 80 is the new 40 and much cheaper.

A side benefit that we all found is the weight loss from this change to organic everything.  We did not set out to lose weight.  That was far from our thoughts although we all needed to lose quite a bit of weight.  There is now no need to go on special diets – no need to eat special “diet foods” – no need to receive those meals from all over the globe to keep your weight down.  Simply make sure that the meat, milk, vegetables, etc. are all organically grown.  And, dessert fits right in.  Nothing like an apple tart made with apples on top of a custard base to make afternoon tea special and weight loss possible if all the ingredients, especially the flour for the tart crust, is organic whole wheat flour.  the story of what sent me from white non-organic flour to organic whole wheat flour is elsewhere in the Bettina Network Blog.  But, be careful, not all organic whole wheat flour is equal.  Some cheat.  That is one problems with organic everything, you have to be conscious of what you eat, cook and give to others because all organics are not equal, some reach that line and barely squeak pass – and they squeak pass only because there are the billionaires who want more and let their greed cheat us out of good, organically grown food.  Aren’t processed foods that which made millionaires by the tens of thousands and dramatically increased the ranks of both the billionaires and the homeless?

The big secret to weight control that we’ve found is starting the day with a very healthy and substantial breakfast.  As we see more and more people we are beginning to be appalled at what today passes for ‘breakfast’.  A sweet roll out of the worst kind of flour and the most over processed sugar on the globe.  However, some aren’t even made of sugar – the processed food people have discovered that fructose corn syrup is cheaper than sugar and goes further and that is what is now used – could over processed and over refined white sugar one day become a ‘health food’ or a ‘historic food’ from the distant past as this trend continues and we become sicker as a world?  And indeed it is a world wide phenomena as copy cats come into existence picking up and producing all of the worst products for our health, but the most financially lucrative.  Is that what is driving the health crisis we are facing and trying to ignore and deny?

Follow our “Health” and “Health and Beauty” blogs and we believe you will be wealthier, wiser and healthier.  A side affect will be your increase in beauty.  You will be wiser because you have to take control and know what you are eating and putting on your skin. – Following the advice of the marketing/advertising people is not an option.  They have a vested interested and not in your health and beauty.  Those healthy and beautiful looking models have had their pictures air brushed and god knows what else has been done to them.  It is no accident that models are now in their early teen years.  The models of old had to be at least 35 to be considered because clothes and other things didn’t look good on you until you reached that point.  Today you are considered old at 40 and many people look the part.  Ask them their lifestyle habits and you will see why.

Going to bed with the birds and getting up with the birds is not a bad habit to cultivate.

In the beginning of your journey into health and fitness being suspicious of even processed foods which look healthy is also not a bad habit to cultivate.  Learn where your food is grown and by who?  Learn the politics behind the foods you are being offered – which means if a particular food is brought to your awareness many times first look to see if a political reason is behind that promoting!  You will be surprised.

We did not always have so many hospitals nor did we have so many people sick and dying.  That is a modern phenomena!  We did not have children’s hospitals because there were not enough sick children to justify such.  The elderly died – they didn’t waste away with awful diseases – and people lived into old age with old age not being into their 40’s and 50’s but into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond.  How do I know?  I lived a life in which I saw all of that and I have seen the development of this new health industry where we are all sick and being sent on a regular basis to the doctor.  We have just discovered the way we sent women to get x-rays to determine if they have breast cancer has helped to cause some women to develop breast cancer.  Take your life and your health into your own hands and stop being led by those who profit from your bodies.

Just as fear created and grew the insurance industry – fear is feeding and growing the “health industry”.

Take a look at the products you use to clean your house! Lethal – with off gases that could take down an ox!  We don’t even know what other kind of ‘products’ we could use to do a better job and which would keep our home clean and its environment healthy.   We have lost that knowledge because we have cut off our family’s advice – we look to those trying to sell us something for advice.  Or we look to our peers who look to those marketing experts.  We need to get out and share with each other what we know that is real.  That knowledge from past generations has all but disappeared so look for those who still have a bit and try it.

One thing wrong with immigrants – some still have that knowledge and it could kill this killer society’s profits.  Try making friends with those who have recently come from other countries, especially if they’ve come from outlying areas rather than overcrowded cities trying to develop western ways.

And more to come from our little band of beauties.


Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

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Corporate vs Democratic Structures

Monday, May 29th, 2017

“It is great to have a business man as president”.  “Maybe now things will get done in a corporate way.”  etc. etc.

Do you really want the United States of America to be a Corporate entity – like USA Corp.?  Or the General Motors of America?  Or even Google – scratch that – Alphabet, inc.?

What does it mean to have a business person as president?  Wasn’t that the real issue in this last campaign?  Hillary Clinton – who has been in public life her entire life as opposed to Donald Trump who has been in business his entire life?

So what’s the difference?

I should say in the beginning that I am biased.  Having worked for major corporations, I would not want these United States to be run like a corporation by a businessman or woman.  What is the difference?  All of our talk about changing the United States governmental structure into a fascist dictatorship is roughly equivalent to saying change the United States into a government which makes shoes led by a business person within the structure of Corporate America.

Corporations are not democratic institutions.  They are dictatorships.  The person at the top dictates just about everything.  When a new person takes over at the top even the personality and character of the people under him or her changes.  The corporate hiring and promotion begins to be of people like the corporate leader.

Corporations don’t take decisions from the bottom up and only on matters that don’t count would a vote be taken in anything.  And when corporations do vote at their annual meetings where voting occurs – the results are fixed.  Not by someone who goes about ‘manipulating’ the results for a certain outcome, but because shares in most corporations are held by a few large people or corporations with the results known before the papers about voting even go out.  The few times someone has tried to change that they were pushed out unceremoniously and life went on at though they had never existed.

Democracies are far less efficient, but far more humane and concerned about making sure those who are among the ‘have nots’ are taken care of – not totally, but some basics are fought over to make sure the ‘have nots’ have a chance.  The defense of those who are a part of the democracy is important and monies spent to make sure we are all ‘safe’.

In the United States, we are currently fighting over universal health care.  Other countries already have such, but we have some kind of horror that we might be giving away health care to those who don’t deserve it.  That is a very corporate mentality – since in most corporations – those that have get and those that don’t have stay at the bottom until they are fired for others who don’t have and who can be paid to do the same job for less money.

Corporations define the elements that go into reporting a ‘profit’.  Very seldom does the profit of corporations actually equal out to what is used to add, subtract, divide to get to the bottom line.  For example – corporations use much in this world for which they don’t pay.  The democracy or other governmental entity in which they live pays for a lot that corporations use which does not get subtracted from their gross to get to their bottom line profit.

They contribute to pollution, but don’t pay to clean up their mess.  They contribute to climate change, but don’t pay to reverse the negatives they create.  No one disputes that and no one – well very few people – would fight to get that changed.  Occasionally corporate profits are disputed and something is added which was not there before and that then makes up the corporate bottom line.  What happened to cause that change? Normally government stepped in to demand the corporation make amends; change its policies; be more responsive; and that government entity will demand the corporate product or service be surveyed and kept ‘honest’.

In democracies, the people who make up that democracy determine what is done, how, when, by who and much concern and money is put into defense, social services, education, and more.  There is a responsibility which each person in a democracy has in its continuance, growth and upkeep. There is a limit to the responsibility each person has in a corporate setting and your level of responsibility depends upon your job description, salary, etc.

Where a corporation can cause a problem which affects everybody – it is the governmental entity which generally has to address, change and make better whatever happened.  The corporation can and some do, walk away from that kind of responsibility and the world will not stop spinning.  The governmental entity cannot – especially the democratic governmental entity.  It must step up to the plate and make a change.

In corporations, the CEO, CFO, Executive Committee are generally the people who set policy, and run the corporation.  The underlings carry out the dictates of the upperlings. That is not true in a democracy.

I think you get my drift.

It is time for us to clearly outline and understand the difference between a corporation structure and what life is like under such an entity and a democracy knowing what life is like under that entity also.

The United States is a democracy/republic and those of us who are citizens of that democracy are also responsible for its good or ill.  Voting is a heavy responsibility – we pay taxes to provide the services we have determined should go to others – we pay taxes to provide for the defense of all of us from negative outside forces – we pay taxes for…………..oh god, do we pay taxes!

In a corporation we do not have that responsibility and we do not pay taxes.  We earn an income for doing what our job description says we were hired to do and we can be fired by the corporation, sometimes for no reason.  We do not have the level of responsibility in a corporation that we have in a democracy.

A war between the corporate structure and the democratic/republic structure has been predicted for quite a long time – and it has now, with Clinton/Trump, arrived on our door step demanding attention.

The Trump/Clinton presidential campaigns reflected that difference more than most in the past few years.  Their mind sets – what they are about are all very different and instead of outlining that difference and calling it what it is, we see evil and good – me included – because clearly a corporate structure for these United States would defeat everything we have worked for over a few hundred years.  Our constitution is not a corporate document, but one that brought a democratic/republic into being.  We have a Supreme Court and all the other trappings to try to keep us on that democratic path.  What is going on in this country today is a strong move to drop the democracy and take on the corporate structure.

Most of the people pushing for such have no idea what they are asking.  They are simply repeating what they’ve heard and someplace inside they seem to think this would be great – we all have those moments of running home to Mama to be taken care of, but adulthood is much more fulfilling, productive and humane.  They talk about how more efficient that corporate structure would be, etc. etc.  when efficiency is not the issue in a government.  That would be a disaster and would result in our aligning ourselves with Russia and all the other dictatorships of the world where the individual counts for nothing and survives out of the largesse of the oligarchs and dictator – giving up everything in return including equality, freedom, justice, etc..

Maybe if we bring up in our minds these two opposing structures, which were developed for very different reasons we might be able to come to some accommodation.  The United States of America was not founded to make shoes, after all.  It was founded to bring about things like equality, justice etc. etc. etc. for all of us.


Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

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How to Look 50 at 80 years old!

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

We took advantage of Bettina Network Hedge Schools and stayed at a house where we wanted to know the wife’s beauty secrets.  We’ve seen her for years and thought she was at most 60 years old.  When we discovered she was actually 79 we almost flipped out so we immediately made reservations and said in the process that we wanted to spend time talking with her about her lifestyle.

We didn’t say we were going to share it and didn’t intend to, but it was so ‘out there’ that we just couldn’t resist.  And, sharing on Bettina’s Blog information about a Bettina family should not be forbidden.

  1.  The first thing we discovered is that she uses no soap and thinks soap is what makes wrinkles.  Well, we asked how do you stay clean?  By showering or soaking in a tub of hot water.  What else do you need?  God created water to wash you clean.  Man created soap to take away your money.  Why would you follow that?  There are side affects to what man makes – and the side affect of soap is wrinkles. Well, with that I knew this was going to be an incredible three days.  What does she use when dirt won’t be washed away by plain water?  Well, organic powdered milk, of course, and to my amazement it works beautifully. – And listen people, I discovered she does have “correct” language and when she says “man” she means “man”.  That is not a sexist ‘men’ being a term which is inclusive of everyone on the planet.  If she didn’t mean “man” she would have said “human” or some other word in that politically correct lexicon of hers.

2.  OK!  Recovering from that we wanted to know more so we rose early – something difficult for us – and discovered she’d been up for hours.  Well, whatever affect that has we just left it alone because no beauty or youthful look is worth getting up at 3:30-4am.  She doesn’t say “youthful looking” by the way.  It is “looking healthy”.  Ageism, you know.

3.  The first thing she does is have a cup of one organic lemon with the juice squeezed into a cup of very warm water and drinks it down like medicine.  I thought that was great and I could modify it a bit with the addition of sugar, but that was forbidden so I tried straight lemon juice.  Not bad, but it takes a lot of getting used to.

4.  Then things got a bit rough.  No smoking – we don’t smoke so that’s alright.  No alcohol of any kind.  Well, what is wrong with alcohol, I protested.  It causes wrinkles, she said.  Well – this is not going to be the walk in the park I anticipated.

5.  I searched the refrigerator and the food cabinets and found only organic foods.  No nothing else –  even the spices and coffees and teas were organic – everything was organic.  Water was in a pitcher with a filter and she apologized because she didn’t know how to get purer water.

This is going to take time – especially since that means also – no prepared foods even if they say organic and no gluten free prepared foods – they are just as bad as everything else.  So as I re-searched the refrigerator – looking at things on a different level, everything was food – real, unprocessed, food “the way it comes from its creator”.

Now that to me was impossible, there must be cheating someplace here,  so I watched closely and they ate only those real foods.  Milk, eggs, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers (which were actually there for beauty reasons rather than food for eating) chicken, beef, lamb – all organic products.  Oh, this is going to be hard.  Her response was – this has to be a lifestyle that you feel is good, right and easy.  Oh, and the bread – organic whole wheat flour and home baked – if they haven’t had time to bake bread, you get fresh out of the oven biscuits.  One day we even had croissants.  Those were several days in the making because she doesn’t have that much time to bake croissants straight through.

I was amazed – this was better eating than I’d done in years and watching a cake being made while breakfast was being prepared was amazing.  The cake took maybe ten minutes total to be prepared to put in the oven.  More time processing – for example – she put sugar (organic turbinado) in the mixer with organic butter and let it beat for what seemed like forever.  She ignored it until she had time to add the rest of the ingredients with a little more beating and then into the prepared pans for baking.  I am going to try this because it is 1-2-3-4 and even I can remember those ingredients.  Even when I can’t remember what is one cup and what is three cups – common sense gets into the mix and I know one cup must be butter because we want butter to be the least of the ingredients and two cups must be sugar because we want medium sweet and three cups must be flour and four must be eggs.

6. Exercise is a part of her day.  But – and this is a big but – I exercise daily, jog, etc. but that is not a part of this exercise regime.  She exercises parts of the body I don’t even think need exercising – your eyes for example (and she wears no glasses at 79 years old), and your toes, and your fingers.  No jogging, she’s never liked that and the incredible exercises I do she thinks is a waste of time and energy.  She suggested I wash the walls, or shampoo the rug or do some gardening outside in the sun without sunscreen.

7.  Make-up doesn’t exist.  Vitamins are the skin care products – vitamin A, E, liquid C and for those aches and pains a good soaking in organic apple cider vinegar switched off with epsom salts.

I could go on because that is the tip of the ice berg.  However, I should say, since I left I understand this is not hard at all.  It takes re-doing your lifestyle and ignoring what the cosmetic and other marketeers have trained us to think is absolute, essential and all the money spent on such is going to result in results.’  I knew that last part wasn’t true – I spend about $200/ month on cosmetics and at 57 I look older than my host family looks spending money only on foods.

Her biggest health purifier comes from the fact that she hasn’t been to a doctor in over 50 years and doesn’t expect to see one any time soon. Right thinking – giving to others – being aware of the messages your body gives out – those are the things important in that Bettina Hedge School.

Totally the reverse of everything I was ever taught.

Thanks for the experience.  It is one I will never forget.

Bettina Hedge Schools rock.  I am not sure where I am going next, but I think living with a classical pianist for a few days while I go to meetings, etc. to give her time to do her thing without me hanging around, sounds like a good deal for both of us.


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Saturday, October 15th, 2016

by: Marceline Donaldson

I read this morning of the death of Jack Greenberg and it hit me much harder than I would have expected.

Jack Greenberg, Percy Julian, Dolores Orey and so many others are among the people who surrounded me at a very dire time of my life.  I am so grateful for the fact that they lived and loved and shared and were there.  I am grateful for the way they lived their lives.  I am grateful for the way they gave to society to stand between the oppressed and the oppressors with the law as their weapon.

Reading about Jack Greenberg’s death feels to me as though an era has passed.

As a very young girl, who lived in a middle-class Black community surrounded by people who made her feel that she was really incredible and could do anything she set her mind to –  it was a recipe for constant conflict with a racist, sexist society and its institutions throughout the rest of my life.

Living in a society which did all it could to teach me that I was inferior; my hair wasn’t good enough; my skin wasn’t white enough; my brain wasn’t intelligent was defective and inferior; my birth and life’s goal should be to walk steps behind, to serve Whites, to not be pushy and absolutely to not rock the boat.  Given the lessons this society tried to teach me, the way of this country should be the way it was then and my job and life should be lived not challenging, not noticing the differences in treatment, accepting whatever this society forced on me and doing it without complaint.  The same lessons – but in a different era – which were given to the slaves were also given to Blacks not in slavery, but fighting for their civil rights.   Those that fought back and tried to escape were crazy and somehow emotionally off base, while those who accepted and did everything they could to glorify and serve their masters and mistresses were sane, substantial and who slaves and years later, more contemporary Blacks, should be.

If I did that, it was clear I would be able to live a very nice, quiet life as the wife of a very nice quiet man and have very nice quiet children.  Not very well off economically, but comfortable enough for a Black family.  If I rocked the boat; challenged the racism and sexism in this society; brought those challenges outside of the community in which I was raised there would be hell to pay.

I used to wonder why the reality of Black history was only taught in Black schools.  In White schools, not even the handful of Black children who attended those schools knew much about the oppression; the hell; the violence; the protests, revolutions, mass deaths that Blacks had gone through over the years.  As I grew older and moved out of that Black community, I realized why that was so.  If Whites are kept ignorant of Black history – especially the racial oppression and violence perpetrated on Black communities – the denials could be kept, continued and the racism could thrive.

My grandfather, O.C.W. Taylor, was principal of a school in New Orleans, but his love and passion was journalism.  He co-founded the Louisiana Weekly with C. C. Dejoie, Jr. and had a television and radio show on WNOE in New Orleans.  He was also involved in rocking boats and causing huge waves.  When he did all of this, I was right there – at four or five years old, probably younger and very definitely as I grew older.

He brought people to New Orleans through his work – like Thurgood Marshall,-  to be a part of panels discussing civil rights.  He was also a part of severing the organizational ties between the NAACP and what became the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.  I think, but for the efforts of those who were behind that separation,  Brown vs the Board of Education would either not have happened or something like it would have happened years later and much diluted in its affects.

My most fun memories of those days was of sitting at the table at Dooky Chase’s Restaurant in New Orleans with all of those men listening to their conversations.  I don’t know if I understood it all, but those times certainly formed who I am today and how I have lived my life.  Today, I see this little girl at this table with all these men and it is amazing that it is me. Today,  as an adult, looking at those pictures on paper and in my minds eye, I see someone very small, looking totally out of place.  Then, at the time it happened, my feelings were that I was totally equal to any of them and joined the conversation whenever I had anything to say.

Jack Greenberg was a very young man, at the time, and just becoming involved with this group.  It was not an all Black group and that felt very right.

It was normal and good, at the time, the way Blacks and Jews worked together on fighting for the civil rights of everybody.  Later – as society began to notice the giant steps taken with this melded group, there began to be efforts and some very successful, to propagandize the Black community to reject its Jewish brothers and sisters and to have only Blacks involved.  Everyone had a theory as to why this was necessary.  None of those theories acknowledged the strength of that group which wound up at Dooky Chase’s Restaurant and made so many forays into the thick of racism and eventually sexism moving those barriers back a little at a time.

Years later – working for the Pillsbury Company and finding myself in the middle of racism and sexism in Corporate America, all of that came flooding back and I called the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.  Highly indignant that I was experiencing racism and sexism in a job, especially when I was just out of Harvard Graduate School of Business, I was outraged.  Somehow, that was supposed to inoculate me from such experiences.  Instead, it showed me the reality of life in these United States for a Black woman.  I saw the structures which supported the racism and sexism I was experiencing – their history – where they came from – how they were established and maintained.  It was an incredible awakening.

I wasn’t able to reform and remake this society, but before it crushed me, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund took the case of Donaldson v Pillsbury, knowing it would be difficult because it was the first management case filed by a Black woman.

There I met Jack and Deborah Greenberg.  Two very committed people.  I had met Jack before, but didn’t realize that until my grandfather told me the stories of my youth and identified some of those who peopled my growing up years.  Jack and Deborah’s lives were wound up in the LDF and they were very good at what they did.  I was not simply a “Plaintiff”.  The rest of my life was important to them.  They invited me to LDF Yearly Conferences; I attempted to raise money in Minneapolis through a Black and White Ball for LDF and they tolerated that; I spent a lot of time in New York because my life elsewhere was falling apart.  The helplessness of what I was experiencing was mitigated by Jack and Deborah and Percy Julian and Dolores Orey having me sit in on the discussions of my case and contributing;  listening when my anger went over the top; allowing me to be equal and acknowledging my humanity while it was being destroyed everyplace else.  When my car was set afire I called LDF; when people circled my house in a very threatening way and I was alone in the wilds of Wayzata, Minnesota with three small children, I called LDF and Percy came to visit; when all kinds of other things happened during that time frame – I called LDF – and they responded.  As I looked at how they operated over the years, what I saw was the person who headed the organization, Jack Greenberg,  had a humanity which permeated the entire group.

My grandfather filled in the blanks for me on why Thurgood Marshall looked to Jack Greenberg as his successor at LDF.  And from my experience with the group, it made a lot of sense. I didn’t know about Jack Greenberg’s family history with anti-semitism until years later.  It was not something he paraded out to justify his work or his involvement in civil rights.  And, not everyone with that family background feels called to attempt to address the evils they experienced, but thank God Jack Greenberg did.

Towards the end of my active association with Jack and Deborah Greenberg, Percy Julian, Dolores Orey and others, I was caught up in a group of people who were lobbying to replace Jack Greenberg with an African American because they claimed the organization should have  a Black head.  It was amazing to me because of the work Jack had done and was doing.  What was this about?

As I talked to more people, it became clear that it was about propaganda being inserted to undermine the LDF.  There were White propagandist in the midst doing everything they could to convince me and others that our efforts should be placed in achieving this separatist goal.  It was very sad.  Especially since many of the Blacks involved with this separatist time had done nothing to begin to contribute to the Civil Rights Movement.  They talked loud and long, but they were contributing and working in the movement to re-establish Jim Crow in the country and this was just one of many places they wanted to see that total separation happen.  It was tragic. It was also clear that if they succeeded all the work of Jack Greenberg, Thurgood Marshall and others would be reversed.

I was back and forth to New York about that time and none of those machinations seemed to bother Jack.   He just continued with business as usual.

And now, Jack Greenberg, Percy Julian and Dolores Orey have all died.  Memories of them and their lives are still very much alive and will always be as long as we value the present by looking to the past and making that a total picture as we move into the future.  There isn’t much greater than to know  your history as you live your present.  Deborah Greenberg moved on to work with others to found the Women’s Legal Defense Fund.

It was a rare time – a painful time – a truly beautiful time – which showed the human spirit in all of its grandeur.  When pressed and there are attempts to enslave, oppress, make others less than – there are those who take the other side and spend their lives doing everything they can to remove those pressures and make life better for us all.  At the top of that list was Jack Greenberg.

My prayer for Jack is one of giving thanks that he lived and made the decisions he made on how to live his life.  Without him and all the others we would all be a little less than we are; a little more oppressed; lacking an incredible example of a life well lived and a life given to very effective service to others.

Rest on your laurels Jack and the knowledge that many remember you and your achievements and your spirit.  As you now find Thurgood Marshall again and all of those with whom you worked who have gone before, it will be an awesome reunion and the reward for a job well done.


Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.

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Problem Feet

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2014

I read your blog on ‘Old Feet’.  I thought it was great.  I would change your title from “Old Feet’ to “Problem Feet.”  Most women have a problem with their feet, usually caused by the fashion shoes we wear and as the years pass the stress on those feet from the high fashion shoes increases and puts lots of stress on the body.

I tried your exercises and they work wonders.  Combined with the exercises – and I think you may have this someplace else in your blog – I discovered soaking my feet in Organic Apple Cider.  It was a god-send.  I soaked my feet in a pail with 1/2 quart organic apple cider and I could then go dancing in any kind of shoes.  And – I have gotten so accustomed to those feet exercises that I find I do them unconsciously now whenever a few minutes turns up and I have either no stockings on or am waiting for some reason sitting in a chair in some office.  I take my feet out of my shoes and sit there exercising my toes.  (Yes, I am young enough to have jettisoned panti -hose.) The reaction of the people around me was hilarious.  People stare, but I have become immune to caring about what people think.  I have come to realize that we will suffer much to ‘fit in’ and not be considered ‘odd’.  Somehow, I have escaped this and am enjoying my lonely position immensely.

I was exercising my toes and feet without thinking and another woman came over to ask if I didn’t want to put my shoes back on?  Before I could shut my mouth, which had dropped open with her comment/question, a man sitting next to me was taking off his shoes and socks following my example.  Maybe we can change the world – although that woman will probably be the opposition trying to keep things as they are and us with all of our inhibitions.  It feels so great to get rid of even one and realize you are not alone, but others around are just waiting to follow your lead.

After soaking my feet for at least 1/2 hour, not only did my feet feel great, but the rest of me had energy for several days.  It was magical the way my feet responded to that Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  I also use it as a softener for my clothes.  So I put in a load of clothes, added the organic apple cider vinegar to the softening cycle, put the rest of the quart bottle of apple cider vinegar in a pail of very warm water, sat back with Egbert Tolle’s book and enjoyed a fantastic morning and was more than ready for the afternoon’s activities.  And NO! You cannot substitute White Vinegar.  It is a coal tar derivative or some such thing and not a substitute for anything.  I don’t even use White Vinegar to clean my house.  Only Organic Apple Cider Vinegar does the job.

Ed Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you.



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Helping you Keep Cool in the Heat!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2013

Do you have a difficult time coping with the heat and high humidity?  A recent breakfast conversation around a Bettina Network table just might come to your rescue!

We can’t guarantee results, but this breakfast conversation was intriguing and we tried the suggestions.  It worked for us.  Which reminds me, if you want to be one of those who tests suggestions from Bettina Network breakfast conversations, let us know, we will send you the conversation and you send us your results.

There were many suggestions on how to deal with the heat and high humidity.  The one which intrigued us was the massage with Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Juice.  We’ve heard that before and may have written about it, but given the weather around the country we thought we would take a flyer and risk repeating ourselves.

Everyone has their favorite thing to do when the temperature rises.  We heard about hot tea on a hot day to cool off! We heard about sitting in front of the refrigerator with the door open – one we would not recommend.  We heard about taking hot showers so you could come out of the shower and cool off.  But the Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Juice worked for us.

Take a shower – warm, not hot.  No soap please, just plain water.

After the shower and after you dry off, give yourself a massage with the Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Juice.  You will find it is cool to begin with and as you give yourself a massage you will feel yourself begin to cool down.  If you do this before bed you will sleep comfortably or you can even give yourself a massage, get dressed and go out.  No, you don’t have to rinse it off.

How to find Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Juice?  We tried several and wound up liking the  “Lakewood” brand best.

I went crazy and also massaged my hair and scalp with the Aloe Vera Gel.  Since I was not going out I took the risk of looking horrible to everyone who came into the house if things didn’t work with the Aloe Vera Gel.  I was pretty sure it would not make my hair fall out, but I wasn’t sure about anything else.  I know a couple people in the Bettina Network have tried it, but haven’t shared their trials or results with me.

It worked beautifully.  I have been looking for something organic to give my hair a fuller look since it is starting to thin. This accidental side effect of this experiment worked perfectly.  I added a bit of organic, virgin, expeller pressed coconut oil and that gave a tiny bit of a sheen that I liked.  The two are a perfect combination.  Since then, I also tried clipping a capsule of vitamin E into my hand and massaging it on top of the Organic Aloe Vera Gel and that worked even better.  Which one to use, I think, is probably dependent upon the texture of your hair and how dry or how oily it is.

Another version discussed was Organic Aloe Vera Gel with an infusion of peppermint.  Not only did we find this combination cooling, but it gave us a nice smell during the day – and it is difficult to smell great on a hot day.  Either you try perfume and alienate everyone you come in contact with or you use nothing and maybe you will or won’t make it through the day.

Being a child of the heavy marketing that has gone on over the past few decades, and having been gullible enough to buy their messages it took a while for me to realize they were  selling you the same product in different packages and under different brand names and at different prices, I have developed a horror of smelling and a need to be ‘clean’ – television commercial ‘clean’.   I’ve used every tooth paste, deodorant, lotion, perfume, hair product, etc. that has been advertised to be the person pictured in the marketing and advertising. In the long-run, however, that only hooked me into spending money for nothing except to hurt my health, slowly, over a long period of time, but hurtful nevertheless.   First I was paranoid about having a bad body odor, now it is about just smelling at all.  I even give ugly looks to people who smell of very expensive perfume and other products guaranteed to give you a body-smell-good day if you pay the very high price for the products.  When you think about it, their high price is totally justified because they have to pay for the product ingredients (about 3% of the total price) and that huge marketing and advertising bill.

The only substances we used besides the Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Juice was our favorite Organic Apple Cider Vinegar splashed under the arm in the arm pits.  I wasn’t ready to take a chance of the Aloe Vera Gel alone taking on the job of keeping me smelling nice and fresh on a hot and very active day.  It might have been able to do that, but someone else will have to try that experiment.  My apple cider vinegar splashed on top of the Aloe Vera Gel worked the entire day with not even a hint of a smell.



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To Sara – Vinegar Pumps

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2013

Hi Sara,

Thank you for your telephone call.  It has taken a while for us to research your question, but your question opened other doors and presented information to us we weren’t looking for – so thank you and we enjoyed the research and hope this helps.

You wanted to know about finding “pumps” for your Organic Apple Cider Vinegar bottle as talked about in our blog on “More on Apple Cider Vinegar” published Monday, July 23rd, 2012.

It said “I put the second bottle in the bathroom after I found a pump which fit the top and which made my Apple Cider Vinegar bottle ‘pumpable’ for cosmetic purposes.”

We went back to the person who wrote the blog and found the following:

Such pumps are common.  We found them all over the place.  The person who wrote the blog used to buy lotion which came with a pump.  Since she saves everything she had a supply of the pumps which had been in her lotion bottles which she cleaned, stored and saved.  She told us how excited she was to find a use for the pumps she thought might languish on the shelf for years.  (A true hoarder in the making).  You might look around to see if you have such bottles to use their pumps when they are empty.

Lacking that we went looking other places:

Frontier Co-op has pumps in their catalog – try

Home Depot has pumps which can be used for all kinds of bottles.

The vinegar we use – Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with mother, quart size – is 2 centimeters around the top and most pumps will fit  for whichever size vinegar you buy.  We buy the quart size, which is the 2 centimeters (We called Bragg’s to make sure of the size of the mouth of the bottle).

Sometimes you can find a pump which fits the top of the bottle, but which you need to cut because it is too long to fit.  We would suggest you cut the bottom stem on the diagonal.

We also found pumps in CVS, Walgreens and more.  All of them were really inexpensive.

Hope all of the above helps.  If we come across a very elegant pump we will let you know!

In our quest for your pumps we came up with some interesting information.

We found one person, who bought her pumps from Frontier Co-op, who puts a quart-size bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in her bathroom with a pump, but she also uses a pump on the olive oil mixture we suggested in another blog.  She pumps it out onto her rag to clean her floors.  In addition, she uses the same mixture as a lotion and since she doesn’t get what is in the bottle contaminated because of the pump, she uses the same mixture after her bath and to clean her wood floors.

That sounded a bit much for us, but we pass it along if you want to try this.

The Olive Oil mixture for cleaning floors is – one quart bottle Olive Oil (or whichever size you want to buy); add the juice from one or two organic lemons, depending upon the size of the bottle of Olive Oil; and to this add several drops of essential oil of whatever you like best.  We recommended organic essential oil of lavender because in a house that is a really soothing smell to come home to – you can almost become addicted to the smell.

If you want to also use that recipe for your body lotion, you might want to change the oil – roses, gardenia’s, every kind of flower or mix a couple essential oils as you put in a few drops of each into the bottle.

You can also use this on your hair for a little oil treatment or a bit on your hands after you wash your hair.  However, we prefer sticking to coconut oil for the hair because that seems to help control the curl.  If you have straight hair you might want to change that to the olive oil because it gives some curl – some people would say frizz.


Call again if you can’t find the pumps.

All of us at Bettina’s



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Conversations about “The Flu”

Monday, January 21st, 2013

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2013

It is amazing how we could be taken over by serious and urgent conversation about something that used to be so common and harmless.  A little worse than a cold, but tolerable and aren’t you glad its over.  A couple days off from work;  lying in bed – reading, eating, sleeping and then all is well.

Today, it is a major catastrophe.  An epidemic of gargantuan size.  A threat to civilizaiton.  The end to life as we know it.

Most of the conversations over breakfast lately have always included something about the flu.  In fact, we have had a couple guests who arrived with the flu who we had to offer to serve them breakfast in bed so the other guests would not revolt and run screaming out of our houses:)

In spite of all the talk, we have not had the flu – or a cold – in three or four years.  Can’t brag about it because that’s when it happens.  However, reflecting on the conversations and seeing how most of it was people who wanted to know how to strengthen their immune systems rather than whether or not they should get a flu shot, we are convinced society will survive this threat.

One thing we have changed in our lifestyle and recommended it several blogs ago – was to give up anti-perspirants and deodorants because we believe they are wicked bad.  Trying to do just that we had about a one month time of being very careful when around other people – not because of the flu, but because we didn’t want to share any obnoxious odors we might generate from having given up antiperspirants and deodorants. We went around smelling under our arms constantly when out and about; getting a bit perplexed when the organic apple cider vinegar we talked about using instead of the anti-perspirants, etc. gave us a hard time because it didn’t hold.

Well, that all worked itself out.  We now don’t even have to think about it.  Taking a shower in the morning – without soap, just plain warm water over the body to get rid of the overnight smells and then splash a little Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother under our arms we are good to go for the day.

Something must happen – the body must adjust and need a couple weeks to get over its dependency on having its under-arm pores plugged with aluminum to keep from smelling,  because after a couple weeks I can go two days without showering and without additional apple cider vinegar and smell just as nice and fresh.

I remember a time in the United States, when I was little, that people went a week without bathing.  Saturday night was the big ‘clean-up’ night.  You bathed – you soaked – you washed your hair – you defoliated and anti-perspirants were not around.  You just didn’t smell bad all week.  Today, with the diet changes, the heavy processed foods we eat, the change from having heavy proteins as another spice in the food to having it as large hunks of meat and all the rest of our new lifestyle, you can’t go a day without a shower – and bathing seems to have gone completely out of style.

There was much talk around the breakfast table about how apple cider vinegar works to quell your underarm odors.  To smell – you perspire and you have all those bacteria on your skin under your arms.  They drink up the sweat and then have to go to the bathroom.  They don’t have constructed houses under your arms with toilets which flush to send their excretions someplace else so you smell the result of their having gone to the bathroom under your arms.  Antiperspirants eliminate that because they plug your pores with aluminum.  Isn’t that supposed to be one of the causes for Alzheimer’s?  Don’t know if that is true, but it was certainly discussed as a causative factor.  Apple cider vinegar works because it is anti-bacterial and probably kills the bacteria so they have no need to go to the bathroom under your arm pits.

The most common vinegar talked about was Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  They have a health program and someone from the company who goes around and gives talks about staying healthy the “Bragg” way.

The television commercials are all cautioning you to wash your hands and showing people with piles of soap suds on their hands over a sink.  We don’t wash our hands with soap and water.  That makes things worse.  All of your protective oils are washed away and for minutes after your fervent washing of hands all the germs in the world can come and find a home on your unprotected skin.  We ‘wash’ our hands with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and it works wonders for the skin.  Sometimes, we even splash a little on our face taking care not to get it in the eyes because the burning will be fierce – we know because we’ve been there – done that.

Other than the vinegar as deodorant – the rest of the conversation was about the changes in our lifestyles and our environment, which seem to be breaking down our bodies at a very rapid pace, while we engage in denial.  Others are worried about global warming – we are worried about poor health becoming a way of life in these United States and then around the globe since we seem to export our lifestyle universally.

We wish you good health and hope you avoid this ‘epidemic’.  We also hope you will continue to read Bettina Network’s Blog and pass it around to all of your friends, colleagues, family and those you wish well.



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The “Perfect” Storm

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2012

How does a Bettina home survive a storm which threatens to down power lines, flood areas and generally disrupt life as we are accustomed to living it with all that we take for granted?

To give you an idea of how we do it, what follows are a few tips from a couple of Bettina Families:

1)  We discourage your buying water in those plastic water bottles, for all the reasons articulated many places.  We notice when you go to the store,  just before a storm, the aisles are full of boxes of those water bottles, just waiting for you to come and spend a small fortune stocking up.

What to use instead?  Try natural, organic, unadulterated coconut water.  It is good for dehydration, will give you a small amount of nutrients and keeps your thirst quenched longer than plastic water and it won’t add chemicals to your system, which the plastic bottles can do by leeching out some of their troublesome chemicals into the water.  That happens especially when the plastic bottles of water are stored in warehouses at too high a temperature, which facilitates their  discharging a bit of their plastic into the water and you don’t know which are or were not so stored.

2)  For food – try the simple things, which your parents and grandparents probably knew by instinct.  Buy several dozen organic eggs (without the ‘Omega 3 added’ label.  Just plain organic eggs from cage free chickens which roam around in the sun pecking as chickens do.  Hard boil a dozen or so, depending upon the number of people in your home during the storm and put them aside in case you need nourishment without electricity.

3)  Try wild canned sardines in olive oil.  Several cans with great organic crackers as a treat.  You can also add dry organic cereal – lots of fruit – organic nuts, raisins, dried cranberries and other such foods, which are good to eat after and don’t introduce problems into your body which you will regret after the storm passes.

Hope these few tips help you prepare for the storms coming up.



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More on Apple Cider Vinegar

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2012

“Thanks for your information on Apple Cider Vinegar.  I remember it being around a lot when I was growing up and then it disappeared.  In fact, white vinegar, which I believe is a petroleum derivative, has replaced a few of the uses for vinegar which are still around – mainly as an ingredient in salad dressings.

I remember being afraid to have anything with white vinegar in it because of the stories which circulated in my community about of how it was made.

I was so happy to read about Apple Cider Vinegar in your blog that I decided to go back to it, do some research and see if I couldn’t bring it back as one of the staples in my eating and cosmetic life. I remember a weight-loss diet that was popular several years ago which was Vinegar, Vitamin B6 and something else – or maybe it was B12.  It was hugely popular, but I didn’t lose weight on it because I couldn’t keep it up.  Friends of mine lost quite a bit of weight on this diet and one developed the habit of having a tablespoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar in water when she woke up instead of coffee.  I don’t know what its done for her because we haven’t talked in years.

Taking your suggestion about putting a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in the bathroom for those who think the tub isn’t clean enough led to my putting two bottles in the bathroom.  One with a rag on a small plate to be used to clean the bathtub and/or other places in the bathroom.   – if its good for the bathtub, what about the toilet?  I put the second bottle in the bathroom after I found a pump which fit the top and which made my Apple Cider Vinegar bottle ‘pumpable’ for cosmetic purposes.

I use this second bottle to rinse my hair; after I’ve used vitamin A, dried milk and vitamin E on my face and before going out I put a little Apple Cider Vinegar in my cupped hands and wipe my face with it being careful to avoid my eyes.  My skin has a glow which makes me look years younger.  On the days I don’t want that shiny look, I use dried milk as a powder to tone down the oily look left from the vitamins and it looks great.  I got all of that from your blog under the ‘health and beauty section.’

You were right about being able to keep my face looking fantastic all during the day by simply splashing on cool water periodically when I wanted to refresh and that looks better than any foundation because you can’t refresh it – foundations just begin to make you look tired and old after a few hours, and if you try to refresh the foundation with more powder, you begin to get that ‘caked’ look, which isn’t healthy because your pores are very clogged by that time and your looks take a direct hit.

I wish more places would keep that cosmetic bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in their bathrooms – food quality Apple Cider Vinegar.  When I travel, I can’t carry it because the airlines would take it away from me. – Probably to take home and use it themselves.

I found when I first started to use it I would get this little burning sensation in places on my face.  When I checked in my magnifying mirror, it was in places where I had ‘sitz’ or had been picking my face.  Now, that’s all gone because whatever sensation made me scratch or pick my face is gone.

Thanks for the information.  It led me to another place, with which I am delighted.  I especially love it when I have guests and they come downstairs to breakfast asking about the Apple Cider Vinegar in the bathroom and I am able to spout my new found knowledge.  What is great about that – they usually have a few things from their youthful remembrances or current readings to add so I am pulling myself up out of a great pit – and the money saved is amazing.  I used to spend $300 plus per month on cosmetics, which weren’t doing anything for me except I felt as though I was doing something when I bought them.  The ambiance of the cosmetic areas, the way the sales people treated me when I went in to buy my cosmetics – all made me feel great, but when I got my big purchases home, they made no difference whatsoever in how I looked nor did they stop aging nor my penchant to pick my face.

So once again, thanks.  Keep up the good work and seek out all of these things so I can benefit.”



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Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2012

In response to a guest request for uses for Apple Cider Vinegar:

There are thousands of ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar – both for health and cleaning purposes.  We have zeroed in on only a few because we need to test everything before we put it out on the blog.  Needless to say, we use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

If you search Bettina Network’s Blog under the category ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ you will find uses we have previously published in this blog.  You can also find other uses for Apple Cider Vinegar if you search the internet.  There are several really good books – some out of print, but discoverable in estate sales – written decades ago, which are fantastic.

The huge use, – the one we find that has infinite health benefits is the use of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as a deodorant/anti perspirant.  (No, you can’t substitute White Vinegar – not even Organic White Vinegar).

I believe we have a blog on this and we have had ongoing trials with different people using it.  Now that the weather has turned really warm, we have found that using a little Apple Cider Vinegar splashed under your arms after a shower will keep you feeling cool and odor free.  We have also found that when your energy starts to flatten, another splash of apple cider vinegar under the arms and a little rubbed on the face will bring your energy up in dramatic ways.

It is amazing how something so cheap and so totally effective would not be used by millions.  Are we so detached from the ways of our grandparents that instead of following their lead, which they acquired from following their parents and grandparents, we are the generation which follows those whose job it has been to market the latest to us.  The latest things to pad the pockets of the few at the expense of the health, well-being and financial resources of the many?

We all are using one of the many Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants on the market.  That says a lot for the success of the marketing campaigns which have been aimed at making us think if we didn’t use the products they are currently marketing we would smell bad, be considered amoral and the ‘good’ people of the world would not want us around.

In fact, if we use the products being promoted for our use with beautiful women, flowery scenes, romantic music, comedy and/or cutesiness there are serious possible health problems involved.  We worked hardest in trying to discover some way to live in public around other people and not smell nor cause ourselves health problems into the future.  When we heard the way anti-perspirants work is to clog your pores with aluminum, we threw out the anti-perspirants and deodorants – no matter how good the marketing and advertising.  Apparently,  you don’t smell because the perspiration and bacteria which eats the perspiration causing the odor can’t get started because you can’t perspire.  We always thought that perspiration was a natural bodily function with a reason to preserve your health and well being.

That freaked us out.  Especially since we have heard the stories about Aluminum being one of the contributors to starting Alzheimer’s, plus a long line of other health problem possibilities.

We have had feed back from a few people in the Bettina Network about using Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning – a little in a glass of water and drink it down – but we haved no way to know if and how this is effective, so we will stick with the use of Apple Cider Vinegar as a very effective deodorant.

We also find it good to use cleaning house.  We use it with Olive Oil.  The Olive Oil poured on OOOO steel wool will clean and wax the furniture and Apple Cider Vinegar does an excellent job at washing  walls and etc.

In a Bettina Network home you will find a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in the bathrooms with a rag for you to use to clean the bathtub.  The homes have clean bathrooms, but many guests, when they travel, don’t take a bath, in spite of wanting to take a bath and being accustomed to baths instead of showers.  They are afraid of the tub and assume the hotel and/or the bed & breakfast and/or the inn, etc. could possibly not have cleaned the tub the way they would like it clean.  Since the Apple Cider Vinegar is a disinfectant, we came upon the idea of putting a bottle in the bathrooms so guests can use it anyway they see fit.

Another use we have for Apple Cider Vinegar is in the clothes washer.  We put in the detergent and fill the softener container with Apple Cider Vinegar to help clean and disinfect the wash – the sheets, towels, etc.

Doing just those few things will dramatically reduce your cleaning budget and increase the cleanliness and germ-freeness of your home.  It will be pleasant smelling – no off-gases – nothing to hurt your hands or get into your blood stream and wreck havoc producing illnesses you become baffled by because you can’t figure out their genesis.

We have heard about using it to rinse your hair and do all kind of other things, but the above is what we are trying and getting feed back from so it is all we can talk about at the moment.

Hope this helps.  Let us know if you find other uses, we love the feeback and try all suggestions (within reason).  It helps us and others and will probably wind up in a blog.  If it does, we will give you credit or post it anonymously, if you don’t want your name used.



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Need to know more about Apple Cider Vinegar?

Friday, April 27th, 2012

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2012

I read your blog on a regular basis and have tried many of the things you’ve talked about.  I am today on a quest to know more about Apple Cider Vinegar.

We stayed in one of your Bettina homes and they had a bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in the bathroom with a rag next to it.  I wasn’t sure what that was for and I kept meaning to ask the family and kept forgetting because I had too much on my plate at the time.

Did I miss something really good?  That is the first time I’ve seen vinegar in the bathroom. What I would like to know is why was it in the bathroom?

What is the difference between it and white vinegar?  I’ve switched to Apple Cider Vinegar from the anti-perspirant I used to use, thanks to you, and it is great.  I feel so clean when I splash a little of it under my arms before going out.

When I first started reading your blog, I have to say I was a bit skeptical with some of what you talked about.  I haven’t yet tried Vitamin A on my face, although I bought a bottle and want to try it when I am not going anyplace that day because I am a little worried about smelling ‘fishy’.  I’ve seen in other places where that is considered one of the gold standards for wrinkles so you know I am going to try that soon also.  But today, please write more about Apple Cider Vinegar – and does it have to be organic? and there are several brands on the market which say different things.  One says it has the “mother”.  Another is distilled – another pasteurized, etc.

Thanks!  Hope I am not going to far asking for too much, but if you start with why I encountered the vinegar in the bathroom I would much appreciate it.

Ed Note:  Thanks for your questions.  We put your note to us in the blog because others may have the same questions and we would like you to know we have asked for an answer and hope it will be published soonest.



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Washing Linens, Towels and everything else

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

copyright Bettina Network, inc. 2012

We have been trying for several years to come up with the best way to wash bed linens and bathroom towels – because that is important in bed & breakfast.

We were especially concerned about having soft towels and the smell which we sometimes could not get out of the sheets without several washings.

We tried every fabric softener on the market.  They all do the same thing and none really great.  -They give the towels, particularly, a slimy feel rather than a clean fluffy feel.  The towels, after they have been through the wash with fabric softener, are too soft and too greasy to think that is a good solution.  Having done a bit of research on this, I find that is because the fibers are coated with chemicals – that can’t be good!  Especially when the results we were trying to achieve were not happening.  And, what happens to the chemicals which coat the towel fabric?  Do they go on your face when you wipe with the towels?  Or on other parts of the body?

Trying to wash towels and bed linens without a fabric softener left the towels really scratchy and uncomfortable to use.  You wouldn’t want to wrap up in the very large bath towels because that would not meet the ‘feel good warm and cozy’ test.

We received many suggestions about putting White Vinegar into the rinse water.  However, after having worked with White Vinegar and knowing from whence it has come, we discarded that idea.

We put organic apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’,  in the washing machine in the small box which asks for fabric softener.

We fully expected to ruin all of the clothes in the machine because we expected there would be residue from the organic apple cider vinegar, especially since we were using the ‘mother’ so we couldn’t think beyond = ‘there goes the wash’.

We couldn’t use a lot of the apple cider vinegar because the container of our LG Washing machine would only hold what seemed to be less than 1/4 cup, so while we tried it anyway, our hopes were not high for success.

The results, however,  were spectacular.

With bed & breakfast guests, some  are exceptionally clean and their bedding doesn’t have an odor when they leave.  Some people, even though they wash, leave behind an odor in the sheets which doesn’t always leave after the sheets have been through the wash,  so we have been super concerned to get the odors out.  Basically, we assumed if there was an odor there was bacteria still in the sheets and towels.

Putting organic apple cider vinegar in the fabric softener container of the washing machine solved the problem.  And weren’t we surprised!!  We found organic apple cider vinegar worked wonders as an anti-perspirant, but we couldn’t make the leap to the washing machine.

When the clothes came out of the washer, there was no odor left in any of the sheets, towels or clothes.  The towels were softened to perfection.  They had no slimy feel, which happened when we used commercial fabric softeners.  We don’t have to worry about people being allergic to the linens or towels because of how and with what they were washed and the towels were neither too soft nor too hard and scratchy.  The towels were sturdy enough to allow one to dry one’s face when you wanted a little roughness to get the blood circulating, but not much.  And they were soft and nice enough to please those who wanted soft towels.  The same thing happened to the bathrobes.  They are perfect after coming out of the organic apple cider vinegar rinse.

My great-grandmother used to put her clothes through a vinegar rinse – I should have had more respect and given her the credit she deserved for the things she knew and did.  Is this how sexism works? – hand and glove with the marketing and advertising machine?  If young people don’t learn the lessons from their families, but from what used to be called “Madison Avenue” we are all doomed to destruction- a slow excruciatingly painful destruction via cancer, and all the other degenerative diseases.

How fantastic is it to find something your great-grandmother used on a daily basis with no bells and whistles.  That was just how she did things.  It can make you feel kind of foolish to know what you have looked all over creation for was right under your nose from the time you were a child.  I have the marketing and advertising people to thank for that, along with the forces in society which made me turn to my peers rather than my family to learn these kinds of lessons.  Now I understand why Martha Stewart became such a phenom.  All the lessons we didn’t learn and when we turned around to try to back track to learn them we could not break through the veil. The silence from our families could not be bridged.

I used to think my grandmother and great-grandmother were really out of touch with today’s society and here I find if I turn back to try to remember what they did, it is safer, purer and better for all of us.  Now, not everything they did is so relevant, but I will be going over their lifestyle as I remember it to see what else I can salvage.  I am sure many of you have or are experiencing the same thing.  Give your mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers credit, gratitude and thanks.



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Finally! No Anti-Perspirants Needed!!!!

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

copyright 2012 Bettina Network, inc.

We have been working on this problem for a couple years.  How to live in polite society without using either deodorant or anti-perspirants.  We are convinced that the way many anti-perspirants work, using aluminum to stop your pores to prevent you sweating and therefore to keep you smell- free is bad for your health.

From what we’ve read, there seems to be a growing body of research connecting aluminum as one of the culprits in Alzheimers.  It certainly would explain the incredible rise in this disease – looking at the time period from the mid-1950’s when it became fashionable to give a bride and groom a set of aluminum pots as a wedding present.  I can remember those shiny pots displayed prominently on the gift table and everyone just ooohing and ahhing over them – and then came the vicious rise of Alzheimer’s. There is some admission of that – although through the back door – by the companies which manufacture these pots because they are now marketing pots as having an aluminum “center” fully enclosed rather than being all aluminum.

Trying to get rid of body odor without using either deodorant or anti-perspirants has been a tough experiment.  We have tried everything we heard from everyone who wrote to or called us and nothing worked over the long haul – (read: playing games, hiking, walking fast, high stress situations, etc.).

We tried bathing two and three times a day.  That worked, sort of, but only if you engaged in no strenuous activity, kept yourself stress free, etc.  If you didn’t, in a couple hours you began to smell as though you hadn’t bathed for days.

We also tried massaging Olive Oil under the  arm pits.  Then we tried Avocado oil under the arm pits.  And then we added different essential oils after rubbing in the Olive Oil and we tried essential oils without rubbing in the different oils putting the essential oils directly on the skin.  All of our trials  broke down after a short period of time and your friends had to be very forgiving to stay around you for even five minutes.

While watching one of the Dr. Oz television show segments, we discovered the answer AND IT WORKS!!!  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar splashed under your arms after you come out of the shower or the tub.  It works totally.  Several of us have been using it for a while now, including a few of you who contacted us after our blogs on going deodorant or anti-perspirant free.  We have all had  good results.  In addition, I also splashed the organic apple cider vinegar on my face after putting on Avocado Oil and the finish was spectacular.  If you try this, be super careful of your eyes.  I missed my face and my eyes burned something fierce.  That didn’t stop me from continuing to try this because the results were spectacular.

I remember a book that I used to swear by when in my 20’s and 30’s and for reasons I don’t remember just lost track of it.  I had a hard time keeping a copy of the book in my library because every time someone saw it they had to have it so I kept buying and re-buying the book just to keep it around.  Today, I don’t even remember the books title.  It was written by a man (I think) who was an apple cider fanatic.  He talked about the old way of doing things and much of his life centered around this product which he claimed was the secret to good health and long life.

During that time frame, I would alternate between squeezing a lemon into a little warm water in the mornings as my first drink of the day with a little organic apple cider vinegar in water as my first drink of the day.  With the organic apple cider vinegar I always felt super clean.  With the lemons I felt as though I was burning every germ out of my digestive tract.

I also remember, when douching was popular among women. Many women used apple cider vinegar in their douch bags instead of the commercial preparations. So that has been around for many uses for generations.  You could tell the women who used the commercial preparations because they smelled like a hospital for hours.

My great-grandmother used it to clean her house along with Olive Oil and that was all she used.  She also used it on herself in her bath and all over. She did the same thing with Olive Oil.  She didn’t smell of apple cider vinegar, but her house had a very distinctive odor – however, she also didn’t have mold, mildew, bugs, etc.  Those insects couldn’t live in her house after that constant onslaught of natural germ killer.  That has to be why organic apple cider vinegar works so well to keep you body odor free.  No germs left to eat the sweat and let out those horrible odors for others to smell.

Try it and let us know your resuts!  Also let me know if you think of the name of the book I’ve lost.

We had more response from our blogs on trying to use something other than deodorants and anti-perspirants than anything else so we know how most of you are trying to live and hope we contribute a little bit to a healthier lifestyle.

I am deligthed with the result.  Not only because I don’t smell anymore, but especially because I feel so clean after I’ve splashed my underarms with organic apple cider vinegar.  That loud sigh of relief you hear is coming from my friends who have been most tolerant and I thank them for their patience and perseverance.  Now, I know my really true friends!  The rest of you were fair-weather friends for not being able to tolerate a little discomfort.  Look at the results!  Our health improvement and greater longevity will be the stuff of legend:)



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